Other Projects

Name of Contract & Date


Battalion Sets – Iraq (ANHAM), 2004 to 2006 Major US Government contract procurement and logistics. Ruscharter assisted Anham’s Logistics Division at UniTrans with their worldwide Purchase Order to provide creative load planning, consolidation Points and Transportation resulting in a significant reduction of transportation costs post award worth hundreds of thousands of dollars millions of dollars.
Taji National Depot (TND), 2008 to 2010 Completed over 400 shipments into Iraq from worldwide points of origin.
National Maintenance Contract (NMC) /Iraqi Army Maintenance, Program (IAMP) – 2005 to 2008 Provided a dedicated operations staff completing hundreds of charter flights of cargo shipments into Iraq.
Theatre Express, 2008 to present The Theater Express program employs commercial airlift to move nonsensitive Department of Defense (DOD) sustainment cargo and rolling stock (vehicles) to customers throughout the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility. Ruscharter participated and won numerous Task Orders.
KAIA (Runway Project) In 2008 the US Army Corps of Engineers was in charge of the reconstruction of Kabul Airport by improving and expanding their capabilities, Ruscharter International was approached by the US Contractor responsible to install the Generators (4 Units) that supported KAIA Power Supply, the task on hand was the transportation of these Four (4) Units from the UK to Kabul, because their size these units would not be able to transport on any conventional aircraft, so the plan presented was utilizing the Russian made aircraft AN124 on a direct flight from Stanstead, UK to Kabul, Afghanistan. In spite of the challenges faced at the time due to several postponements as the ground work in Kabul was not completed on schedule, the operation was performed flawlessly and within budget requirements receiving praises from our Customer and the USACE.
LOGCAP IV In 2009 with the increase of troops in Afghanistan and the need of building the infrastructure to support the surge, Air Transportation became vital, Ruscharter through our office in Sharjah was called to assist, due to the sense of urgency and limited resources at the time, it was required to perform back to back flights on a daily basis adding at times Six (6) flights per day to cover the lane between Sharjah UAE and Camp Bastion OAZI; Ruscharter together with their local partner provided two (2) IL76’s and performing Fifty Seven (57) sorties in a three week period, operating flights around the clock to be able to meet the delivery schedule and program requirements. With a 97% ratio of on time operations while facing great challenges on the ground at Cam Bastion OAZI, once again we were commended by the Prime Contractor for our efforts and performance.
AMMO TRANSPORT Ruscharter set up the new standards in this type of transportation. Since the early days we provided with cost effective and reliable solutions for these operations. Providing a while array of options with different types of aircrafts, we have performed well over One Hundred (100) Ammo Flights Worldwide, but primarily into the Middle East from CONUS and Eastern Europe. Our great deal of success with these missions lies certainly because of our experience and knowhow, being knowledgeable of the conditions and requirements from both Origin/ Destination is key for a successful operation, then our vast network with multiple aircraft options from the AN74 to B747’s, we are able to provide with the proper equipment for each requirement which also brings as a result cost effective solutions another key for our success with these type of missions.
OIL & GAS Since our beginning we provided with reliable and cost effective solutions to this Industry, which most of the times require Heavy Lift of Oversize Pieces and always time critical solutions. With regular Charter operations into Trinidad, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia, Ruscharter became a prime solution for these at times challenging operations.
ENTERTAINMENT From mobilizing stage equipment for Tours of renown artists to providing Charter Flights to Orchestras worldwide, Ruscharter offers a variety of options for both Cargo and Passengers.