Photo Gallery

Cargo in the airplane
Helicopter is being loaded into AN 124
Cargo in the plane
AN 124 - Loading the freight
The Humvee on the flatbed
Cargo on the plane's deck
Loading the freight
Getting the cargo on the plane's deck
Pallete is being loaded onto the plane
Plane loaded with cargo and back door opened
Humvee inside the plane
Cargo loading in the airplane
Freight inside airplane
Worker gets the deck ready
Plane with an opened back door
Loading in progress. Cargo is getting on board
Plane getting ready for a flight
Loading the cargo inside
Unloading the freight
Plane is ready for loading
Helicopter inside cargo airplane
Freight inside big cargo plane
Partially loaded deck
Workers handling freight
Worker checking the deck
Work in progress - Loading the plane
Cargo plane with front door opened
AN 124 unloading
Freight being loaded onto the plane
Tank near the cargo plane
A truck at the back of the plane
Container is unloaded from the plane
A boat is loading inside AN 124